Juvenile Tennessee Red Bobwhite Quail

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Shipping October to February.

Juvenile Tennessee Red Bobwhite Quail or Tennessee Reds are an exciting and beautiful color mutation of the traditional, native Northern Bobwhite Quail. These birds appear as a more solid mahogany color rather than the speckled and striped regular Bobwhite patterning. They are almost like a Rhode Island Red in color. Males can have quite a bit of black on their faces. Females can be distinguished by black spotting over the wings and back and a cute white patch or bib on the upper breast.

Tennessee Red Bobwhite Quail were bred for superior disease resistance as well as for the new coloration. They are very hardy and quite large compared to regular Bobwhites.  Bobwhites lay a solid white egg. 

Tennessee Red Bobwhite Quail can be raised quite efficiently and productively for meat as well as for eggs, but they are mostly raised for sporting and hunting purposes. They are an ideal bird for dog training as well as for releasing in hunting preserves. They are also better than other Bobwhite varieties for early-release programs. Tennessee Reds are very popular for sport as they are known for their very high speed and challenging flight agility.

Tennessee Red Bobwhite Quail tend to be feistier and more aggressive than other quail. They will need a spacious enclosure with a minimum of at least 2 square feet of floor space per bird. They cannot be raised in a mixed aviary with other species of birds or quail.

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Juvenile Tennessee Red Bobwhite Quail

Juvenile Tennessee Red Bobwhite Quail

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