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Juvenile Texas A&M Quail Details

Texas A&M Quail are one of the largest breeds of Coturnix Quail available today. These birds are the successful result of a long-term university breeding program that was focused on creating a line of production Coturnix. These juvenile Texas A&M Quail are a great way to start a solid breeding program for your own quail enterprise. 

Texas A&M Quail are fast-growing with very efficient feed conversion. They can reach 12-14 ounces in 8 weeks. Their meat is high quality and lighter than most other quail meat. Their white feathers make cleaning a breeze with nice-looking carcasses. 

Although they are mostly raised for meat, Texas A&M Quail hens also are good egg layers. They start laying earlier than most other quail and lay many eggs in a season. 

Quail are a great alternative production option for poultry and are great for a diverse income stream or urban farms. When one compares Texas A and M Quail to chickens, the quail are quite perfect for the urban setting - males are less noisy, and they require less space and less feed. Quail products are also particularly attractive to urban chefs. 

Housing Requirements: Quail should be kept in dry conditions and not allowed to sit on the damp, wet ground where they have defecated. Housing with a wire bottom and covered top are optimal. Be aware that quail usually sleep on the ground and thus are particularly prone to attacks by predators. 

Diet: Texas A&M Quail do very well on a quality commercial game bird feed or turkey starter. Texas A & M Quail have also been shown to produce well on organic feeds. These birds do well when free-fed as they are naturally self-regulating and won't over eat.  

Breeding: Breeding Texas A and M Quail in captivity are usually very successful. For size purposes, chose the largest of your eggs to incubate. Young chicks are delicate, which is typical of quail, so set up a safe and regulated brooder for raising them. 

Weight: Texas A & M Quail can weigh almost a pound at full maturity, usually weighing between 12-14 ounces. 

Miscellaneous Notes: Quail eggs are hot and in high demand! They have a lot denser nutrients than chicken eggs. And although the eggs are small, they can be easily used in recipes.

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Juvenile Texas A&M Quail

Juvenile Texas A&M Quail

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