Juvenile White Bobwhite Quail

Juvenile White Bobwhite Quail Details

White Bobwhite Quail are a color mutation of the Northern Bobwhite. These birds have all the traits that make Bobwhite Quail so popular, yet they are pure white. They are quite a spectacular sight when a covey bursts into a flight of shimmering white.

White Bobwhite Quail are exciting hunting birds and are also often raised for both meat and eggs. The white feathers make a clean-looking carcass, and they grow just as fast as the original Northern Bobwhites. Mature weight is between 6 and 8 ounces. Eggs are white and prolific.

White Bobwhite Quail are easy to keep in aviaries and even small enclosures and are great quail to keep for beginners. They are small birds and don't require huge amounts of space or resources to thrive. We recommend extra protection in areas with cold winters or keeping them in larger groups during the winter.

White Bobwhite Quail are successful breeders, either in groups, trios, or pairs. It is difficult to tell males from females as both sexes are pure white and about the same size. Females lay lots of eggs but don't tend to go broody, so eggs will need to be artificially incubated. Eggs hatch in 22-24 days.

White Bobwhite Quail require a high-quality game bird ration with at least 16% protein, then switching to a 20% protein ration during breeding and laying.

These are hardy and adaptable birds. Their productivity makes them perfect for adding a diverse enterprise to a small farm or homestead as well as for raising for hunting, sport, and breeding.

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Juvenile White Bobwhite Quail

Juvenile White Bobwhite Quail

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