Keeping Pet Chickens

Keeping Pet Chickens
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Keeping Pet Chickens

Chickens make wonderful pets. They do not require much space and if you choose to have hens, you can feed your family with fresh eggs! Johannes Paul and William Windham shows you all the ways chickens make great pets in their 64-page colorful guide, Keeping Pet Chickens.

There are many short sections with basic chicken information included in this guide. You will learn about the chicken anatomy and interesting facts about their parts, such as their beaks and feathers. The authors discuss chicken breeds, cross breeds, and bantams as well as explaining what dual-purpose breeds are and which breeds produce the most amount of eggs. There is a section covering the many different types of housing options you have for your backyard. Next is the very important discussion on nutrition. You will learn what types of feed are out there and what treats chickens can be fed as well. Preparing your backyard for chickens is important and the authors devote the next section to it.

Once the basic information is presented, the authors discuss buying your chickens and what you should look for in terms of health and age. They inform you on introducing your new birds to other pets and setting up a bedtime schedule for them. With seasonal tips, how to handle your birds, and creating a routine, you will enjoy your backyard with your pet chicken! Finally, there is an egg section to teach you about what your chicken produces for you and its nutritional value!

Packed full of information, this book is a valuable guide for the pet owner.

64 Pages, full color illustrations and photography, Published 2005 by Interpet Publishing Ltd.

  • Model: KEEP
  • Manufactured by: Barrons

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Keeping Pet Chickens

Keeping Pet Chickens

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