Large Dewlap Toulouse Geese


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Large Dewlap Toulouse Geese Details

Hatching: March to June

The Large Dewlap Toulouse Goose is a giant bird. It has fluffy plumage, which makes it appear even larger than it is. As far as geese go, the Large Dewlap Toulouse variety gives you plenty to look at! 

Production: The Large Dewlap Toulouse has sometimes been described as a  “gentle giant.” Most Toulouse are calm, but these are especially easygoing. 

History: This variety of the Toulouse breed was developed in England, in the 1850s as exhibition birds. They are still entered in poultry shows and competitions. 

Colors: The most common color is gray.

Status: The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy lists the Toulouse breed in the category of Watch. Conservation efforts are needed to put this particularly impressive goose in the healthy population range. 

Body Type: The Large Dewlap Toulouse is a large bird generally and it has a large dewlap. It also has a deep keel, and two lobes. 

Standard Market Weight: 20-25 pounds

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: Heavy

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Large Dewlap Toulouse Geese

Large Dewlap Toulouse Geese

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