Large Restraining Cones

Large Restraining Cones
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When processing meat birds, it is important to keep things as clean and as humane as possible. Restraining Cones (also called Killing Cones) are useful tools in this process. 

Restraining Cones prevent the flapping about which occurs even after the bird is officially no longer alive. The carcass is held in place and can bleed out into a bucket placed below the cone. 

These Large-sized Restraining Cones are for use with processing large chickens like capons and medium turkeys up to 18 pounds. 

These are well-designed cones, made of heavy gauge galvanized steel. They are long-lasting and easy to clean. The edges are hemmed or folded for safety. The shape has a flat back, which makes mounting the cone easy as well provides a secure hold. 

  • Model: RCNL

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Large Restraining Cones

Large Restraining Cones

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