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Large Snap Lock Chicken Coop

Large Snap Lock Chicken Coop Details

The larger Snap Lock chicken coop boasts all the great features of the original Snap Lock coop that backyard poultry owners have come to love but with room for a bigger flock.

Why purchase the Larger Snap Lock Chicken Coop?

The larger Snap Lock coop is a great choice for any seasoned or new backyard poultry owner. It's superior construction, special features, easy assembly and attractive look make it simple to put more time and attention on the flock and collecting eggs.

Room for 5-6 standard hens

The spacious, larger Snap Lock coop has ample room to accommodate 5 to 6 regular-size hens or up to 12 bantams with spacious nesting boxes and roosting spaces.

Construction Materials

Years later, the Snap Lock coop will still look nice in the backyard. It is built to last with strong, easy-care Polyethylene plastic that resists damage from UV exposure, chemicals, water and impact. The double-wall construction will keep the coop properly insulated.

Interior Features

Inside are four nesting boxes and three 36" perches, giving hens lots of room. Covering the floor is a removable litter tray, making cleanup fast and simple. The litter tray can be slid out through the removable access wall, cleaned and quickly replaced.

Exterior Features

The exterior features include two adjustable vents on the roof, safety hasps on the access wall and roof to keep predators out, 12" wide front and back doors and long-lasting zinc plated steel hardware to withstand years of exposure to the elements. The nesting boxes have lockable roof panels that lift up from the outside to make egg collection easy. The coop measures 64” X 39” X 42”.

The coop couldn't be easier to assemble. Tools are not needed; it literally goes together in a snap. It is assembled by just snapping all the elements together and adding the inside parts.

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Large Snap Lock Chicken Coop

Large Snap Lock Chicken Coop

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