Life Lytes Vitamin Supplement

Life Lytes Vitamin Supplement Details

Life Lytes Vitamin and Electrolyte Supplement by Manna Pro

Life Lytes by Manna Pro can help ease the physical stress for your birds. With vitamins and electrolytes, Life Lytes can help when your birds are adjusting to a new environment or dealing with something else that could potentially make them vulnerable. There are many situations that are stressful for chickens. Shipping, travel, disease and extreme heat are all examples of stressful events for your flock.

You don't have to worry about getting the dosage just right: Life Lytes comes in tablet form. For adult birds simply mix a tablet with a quart of water in the mixing bottle provided and you are ready to go! Young birds use 3 tablets per quart of water. Growing birds use 2 tablets per quart and on stressed birds of any age use 2-3 tablets per quart. There are 21 tablets and a jug to mix the tablets and water in. Lift the front sticker to find the electrolyte tablets.

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Life Lytes Vitamin Supplement

Life Lytes Vitamin Supplement

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