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Light Brahma Hatching Eggs

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LIght Brahma Hatching Eggs


Purely Poultry's  Light Brahma Chicken Hatching Eggs will produce a straight run of Light Brahma chicks that will grow into large, white with black flecks, friendly birds that will be your pride and joy. These gentle giants grow to approximately 10 lbs in adulthood, sometimes bigger, and are friendly and docile their entire lives. They are a great dual-purpose breed that makes great pets due to their even, kind temperament. They don't fly well because they are pretty heavy and it stands to reason that they do well in confinement for the same reason.  If ever you wanted a giant, sweet giant in your flock, the Light Brahma is your best pick!

For more information on our Light Brahmabreed, see the chick product page here. 

Purely Poultry guarantees our eggs to be a minimum of 80% Fertile upon candling prior to hatch.    Due to variables beyond our control, we do NOT guarantee hatch rates. 

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Light Brahma Hatching Eggs

Light Brahma Hatching Eggs

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