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Little Giant Chick Brooder Kit for Sale

Little Giant Chick Brooder Kit Details

Little Giant Chick Brooder Kit is made of re-usable and easy to clean corrugated plastic. It is a 16-inch tall wall structure that forms a circle about 3 feet in diameter. The circular design is perfect for preventing chicks from piling on one another and suffocating. This brooder can be used on its own or within a larger brooder space like a kiddie pool.

Brooder also comes with a PVC Stand for hanging a heat lamp. Heat Lamp is not included. Heat Lamp should be securely fastened to stand using included hook. Cable/zip ties are also included to help securing the lamp stand to a wall or some other solid structure. It is very important that the heat lamp is secure and cannot fall over into the brooder. The included stand is adjustable, so you can adjust heat lamp height and thus temperature.

This brooder fits up to 15 regular sized chicks.

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Little Giant Chick Brooder Kit

Little Giant Chick Brooder Kit

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