Little Giant Circulated Air Incubator

Little Giant Circulated Air Incubator Details

Little Giant Circulated Air incubator w/ fan kit #10200

Although receiving chicks in the mail is a fun experience, hatching eggs is a memorable experience as well! Receiving the eggs, setting them, candling development, and watching the embryo grow before turning into a chick, is a wonderful way to teach your child or yourself! Recommended for teachers, 4-H'ers, or hobbyist, the Little Giant is a wonderful incubator for the beginner interested in incubation and hatching. With the addition of the fan kit, there is constant air flow in the incubator, maintaining a uniform temperature throughout, and increasing hatch rates. This incubator is simply a must for anyone starting out!

This styrofoam incubator retains its warmth which is generated by a heating element. This heating element is controlled by a highly dependable, solid state thermostat which can be controlled to the temperature one needs to hatch eggs. There are built in channels for moisture to help with humidity and a mesh screen to support the eggs when they hatch to prevent drowning. With a viewing window, you can monitor the entire hatching process without opening the incubator!

The automatic turner is sold separately. (We do highly reccomend that you purchase the turner as well.)

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Little Giant Circulated Air Incubator

Little Giant Circulated Air Incubator

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