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Manna Pro Flock Fuel 16 oz Details

Manna Pro Flock Fuel 16 oz

If you are raising birds for exhibition and/or competition, you have probably invested a considerable amount of time, money, and care into your flock. Adding Flock Fuel to your birds' diet can give you that extra little something to help your bird place on exhibition day!

Flock keepers who want to raise the most beautiful birds possible, either for exhibitions or for simple enjoyment, are often looking for dietary supplements. You want birds with stunning plumage and high energy levels, and overall improved health. You also want to be absolutely certain that anything you are feeding your flock is safe.

Flock Fuel promotes health with Omega 3 and fatty acids. As a supplement it is delivers just what birds need in order to look good and feel good. Feathers are glossier and shiner, and birds become more active when Flock Fuel is added as a dietary supplement.

Liquid supplement. Add to the top of feed or mix in!

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Manna Pro Flock Fuel 16 oz

Manna Pro Flock Fuel 16 oz

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