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Mealworms 10 oz bag

Mealworms makes a great chicken treat - both delicious and nutritious! This product can be used as a treat and can be very useful in establishing positive social bonds with your flock. Mealworms is made up of dehydrated mealworms and is a healthy dietary supplement for chickens that are unable to get access to forage, whether due to weather, predators, the winter season, or coop construction.

This product is a special treat and supplement; it is not a sole ration for chickens. Feed about .5 to 2 tablespoons per day, depending on the size of the bird. Birds of all ages love Mealworms! Mealworms are also a safe supplement for feeding game birds, which may be sensitive to parasites in naturally found earthworms. These clean and cultivated mealworms are an easy way to diversify game bird diets. Mealworms is 100% dried mealworms and is high in nutritious protein.

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