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Modern Waterfowl Management

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Modern Waterfowl Management and Breeding Guide by Oscar Grow is a 358 page hard back book that covers information on geese, ducks, swans. Modern Waterfowl Management has waterfowl incubation, waterfowl nutrition, care of waterfowl layers, waterfowl housing, waterfowl breeding, waterfowl sexing, preparing waterfowl for exhibition, waterfowl butchering, & preparing waterfowl for the market are just some of the topics covered in Oscar Grow's book on waterfowl. Modern Waterfowl Management is an excellent resource book. Modern Waterfowl Management is very comprehensive in the raising, breeding, housing, feeding, grazing, care & incubation of eggs, and therapeutics with even some recipes for our Christmas goose or duck. There are many detailed drawings and photographs that will educate and help the breeders of waterfowl through their raising of these magnificent birds in Modern Waterfowl Management. Part 1 Geese, Part 2 Ducks, Part 3 Swans, and a section of general observations are included. Modern Waterfowl Management by Oscar Grow comes highly recommended by many top duck breeders and goose judges and should be included in any waterfowl fancier's libraries.

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Modern Waterfowl Management

Modern Waterfowl Management

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