New Hampshire Bantams

New Hampshire Bantams
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Hatching mid-February to May.

The New Hampshire Bantam is a favorite production breed of chicken native to New England, and the bantam-sized version of the New Hampshire has all the best qualities in a smaller package.

New Hampshire Bantams are compact, vigorous birds. Their attractive dark golden plumage is an overall cinnamon-honey color. Females have the distinguishing light collar of black feathered ticking around the base of the neck. Males look darker overall than females do. Roosters have black tails with a green sheen and dark shiny mahogany feathering over the wings and saddle. Combs are upright and single. The combs on the hens sometimes flop over a tad. Legs are strong and bright yellow.

Production: These bantams are now mainly raised for pets, exhibition, or other ornamental reasons, but they are very useful production birds. New Hampshire Bantams mature and feather out very quickly. They lay very well - bantam-sized brown eggs. In general, their eggs are bigger than most bantam eggs. And they also can be used for meat. They make better meat birds than Rhode Island Red Bantams due to their chunky, more plump, stature.

Temperament: New Hampshire Bantams are active, alert, and energetic birds. They can be aggressive and stand-offish, although they are usually confident and not flighty or nervous. They are great foragers and are hardy and disease-resistant fowl.

History: Although the large-sized New Hampshire breed is a great American classic, the New Hampshire Bantam was developed by enthusiasts in Holland in the early twentieth century. Admitted to the APA Standard of Perfection in 1960.

Conservation Status: NA

Body Type: New Hampshire Bantams are cobby and stout with an upright bearing and deep body. They have a shorter back and are lighter in color than Rhode Island Red Bantams. Tails are full and held at a 45-degree angle. In general, they are soft feathered.

Weights: Cockerel 30 oz, Pullet 26 oz

APA Class: Single Comb Clean Legged Bantams

  • Model: NEHB

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New Hampshire Bantams

New Hampshire Bantams

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