New Hampshire Bantams

New Hampshire Bantams
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New Hampshire Bantam

  • Exhibition/Pet
  • 3 Eggs per week
  • Compact, alert  , vigorous, good production for bantam breed
  • Cockerel 30 oz , Pullet 26 oz
  • APA Single comb clean legged


The New Hampshire Bantam is a favorite production breed of chicken native to New England, and the bantam-sized version of the New Hampshire has all the best qualities in a smaller package.

New Hampshire Bantams are compact, vigorous birds. Their attractive dark golden plumage is an overall cinnamon-honey color. Females have the distinguishing light collar of black feathered ticking around the base of the neck. Males look darker overall than females do. Roosters have black tails with a green sheen and dark shiny mahogany feathering over the wings and saddle. Combs are upright and single. The combs on the hens sometimes flop over a tad. Legs are strong and bright yellow.

 Although the large-sized New Hampshire breed is a great American classic, the New Hampshire Bantam was developed by enthusiasts in Holland in the early twentieth century.


  • Model: NEHB

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New Hampshire Bantams

New Hampshire Bantams

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