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Novogen Brown Chickens


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If you've considered ISA Brown, but you live in a colder climate, the Novogen Brown Chicken is exactly what you need. A cold-hardy version of the ISA Brown, the Novogen Brown is a type of Red Sex-Link chicken. Novogen Brown Layers are healthy and robust birds and do very well in free-range and pastured environments. They are hybrid crosses developed from Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorns. 

Production: Novogen Brown Layers are top-notch producers of large to extra-large brown eggs. They are bred to be adaptable birds, thriving in a wide variety of conditions, whether kept in housing or on the range. 

Novogens have excellent feed conversion and will lay strong shelled, high-quality eggs. These are fast maturing birds, already laying well at 20 weeks of age. You can expect 5 or more eggs per week per hen.

Temperament: Novogen Brown Layering Chickens are calm and easy to manage birds. 

History: The Novogen Brown Layer is part of a breeding program of great laying chickens developed by the Novogen Company in France. Novogen is committed to developing lines of egg production birds that perform dependably and well in pastured and other cage-free and non-confinement environments. They are also dedicated to expanding what they see as a limited gene pool in the egg industry. They want to provide great birds for the independent players in the egg production industry. These Novogen Brown layers are great examples of what the Novogen company is accomplishing. 

APA Class: Not recognized; hybrid.

Color Description: Novogen Brown Layers are red sex-linked hybrids, where males are mostly white, and females are reddish-brown, with light-colored under-feathers. Interestingly enough, the breeder stock is just the opposite in coloring.

Conservation Status: Not applicable.

Weight: Cockerel 4 lbs, Pullet 3.5 lbs.

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Novogen Brown Chickens

Novogen Brown Chickens

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