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Olive Egger Chicken Hatching Eggs

Olive colored eggs are a striking addition to a carton of colorful farm eggs. If you have green eggs and brown eggs and dark brown eggs, you simply need to add the drama of a couple olive eggs to each carton! Olive eggs are green on the inside and olive on the outside. The tints of olive can vary quite a bit, giving you an array of colors. People always seem to reach for the olive colored egg first!

These Olive Egger Hatching Eggs are a great way to start with Olive Eggers. Incubating Hatching eggs is both economical as well as educational, and just plain fun. 

Olive Eggers lay beautiful eggs. The olive egg coloring is the result of a mixed breeding between Legbars, Marans, and Ameraucanas. 

Olive Egger Chickens are hybrids and come in an assortment of colors. These are medium sized chickens usually with a pea comb and muff. Each bird may look different, but they will all lay olive colored eggs. Olive Eggers are hardy and easy to raise. They tend to have friendly dispositions. Olive Eggers are smart and savvy and sometimes go broody. They get along with other birds and make solid additions to a home flock or farm.

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Olive Egger Chicken Eggs

Olive Egger Chicken Eggs

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