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Ornamental Pheasants

Ornamental Pheasant Chicks

Ornamental Pheasant Chicks


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Ornamental Pheasant Chicks Details

Ornamental pheasant chicks hatching June to August.

We are very excited to offer a variety of pheasant species to you. The diversity of plumage and styles of pheasants make them a must have for your aviary! 

We are offering five assortments to choose from which will include both ornamental and ringneck variations. The assortments below are a budget friendly option in which you can expect to receive an array of beautiful pheasants.

NOTE: We do not give shipping dates on ornamental chick orders. Your order is placed next in line on the waiting list. When the eggs are set into the incubator for your order, we will call you and let you know when they are scheduled to ship.

Available Assortments:

The Ringneck Variety Pack - Due to fantastic breeding initiatives, Ringneck Pheasants come in a variety of colorful mutations and variations. This assortment takes advantage of this array, and consists of 30 chicks in all. It will include 3-5 chicks of these varieties: Exotic Ringneck Pheasant: Jumbo, Green Mutant, Black Mutant, Buff Isabel, Blackneck, Buff, White, and Alaskan Snow. 

The Ornamental Variety Pack - This assortment offers a collection of long-tailed pheasant species including some impressive varieties of the Golden Pheasant. This option consists of 25 chicks which will include 3-6 chicks of the following ornamental pheasants: Red Golden, Reeves, Dark Throated Golden, Yellow Golden, Lady Amherst, and Silver.

The Combo Pack - If it’s a challenge to decide between Ringnecks or Ornamentals or you simply want a big variety of colorful pheasants, the Combo Pack is for you! This pack provides 25 chicks consisting of 2-3 chicks each of the various Exotic Ringnecks and Ornamentals. You will receive at least a dozen different pheasant species and/or varieties!

The Hatch Day Special (Ringnecks and Ornamentals) - This assortment is also made up of both Exotic Ringnecks and Ornamental Pheasant Varieties. It includes 25 chicks of 4-8 different types of pheasants, so there will be 3-7 chicks of each breed delivered to you. The breeds will likely vary for each order. 

The Hatch Day Special (Just Ringnecks) - This assortment includes only Exotic Ringneck varieties and consists of 25 chicks. There will be 4-8 different Ringneck varieties represented in the assortment, with 3-7 chicks of each breed shipped. The kinds of chicks could vary depending on the hatch day. This is a very affordable way to try out some various Ringneck varieties.

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Ornamental Pheasant Chicks

Ornamental Pheasant Chicks

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