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Oyster Shells 5 lbs

Oyster Shells 5 lbs Details

Oyster Shells 5 pounds

A laying hen uses up energy, protein, and calcium when laying her eggs. All of these components are important in her bone and feather structure. The Oyster Shells 5 LB is a wonderful way to supplement your hen during her laying cycle to help her stay healthy and lay beautiful eggs.

The Oyster Shells come in a 5 pound bag. The rocks are just large enough for juvenile to consume with no problems. These heat treated calcium carbonated white rocks can be added to the laying hen's feed or sprinkled on the ground for her to peck at. By providing oyster shells to a hen's diet, her bones, feathers, and egg shells will be stronger.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate. This is the calcium that can be properly absorbed in the bird's bloodstream and aids in bone development and egg formation.

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Oyster Shells 5 lbs

Oyster Shells 5 lbs

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