Sustainability Policy

Environmental Sustainability is very important to Purely Poultry.

We utilize WE Energies voluntary renewable energy program Energy for Tomorrow so that 100% of our energy comes from renewable energy. Most electricity in Wisconsin is produced by coal, nuclear, or natural gas. With our enrollment in Energy for tomorrow as of November 2010, 57% is wind energy and 42% of our electricity is produced from Biomass and 1 percent from other sources. Renewable energy is more expensive but we find that it is worth it as a commitment to our planet. Read more about that program here.

We also use Time-of-Use electricity so that the power plants do not have to be over extended on high demand days.

Paper consumption is something we are very conscious of. Our billing is 100% online. We produce a 1 page packing slip for each order which doubles as the mailing label. Purely Poultry also corresponds with suppliers with a paperless purchase order system.

We have replaced all of our light bulbs with energy saving compact florescent bulbs.

Purely Poultry is a home based business so we do not use energy for an office in addition to our home. This winter 2010-2011 my family decided we would save on heating costs and move to our first floor bedroom instead of heating our two upstairs bedrooms in addition to the first floor.

We have made a commitment to only print on products that are made of recycled content and the rest of the content is from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative once we have used up our current stock.  

We do not use air conditioning in the summer. When it gets too hot we visit friends and family and mooch off of their cooled houses instead of spending energy on our own. All I need to do is take my laptop and headset so that I can take care of my customer’s at usually my parent’s house on the hottest days of the summer.

Our web hosting is 130% wind powered. Read more about that here at Host Gator’s Green Web Hosting Page

We are constantly trying to lower our energy usage and costs to be able to better serve you and the environment.

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