History of Purely Poultry the 90's

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The prior history is broken up by decade. 2010s2000s 1990's 1980's

Purely Poultry hadn't yes started in the 90's, but Tyler grew up! 1992ish My brother was showing these leghorns and broilers at the county fair. 1997 I started showing chickens at the county fair as well. We started ordering many beautiful different kinds of chickens and turkeys from Murray McMurray Hatchery. We were not successful in the show ring but I acquired knowledge from judges and veteran exhibitors about high quality exhibition breeds. Bill Krueger suggested we meet Butch Gunderson. Butch Gunderson encouraged us to show at the poultry club shows and at the Wisconsin State Fair. The poultry state fair superintendent, Barbara Gromaki always made poultry showing wonderful. 1999 We purchased some exhibition quality chickens which were all eaten by the local wildlife before we got to show them.

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