History of Purely Poultry the 2000's

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The prior history is broken up by decade. 2010s2000s 1990's 1980's

2000 We picked up 30 exhibition quality chickens from Butch Gunderson. Black Australorps, Blue Andalusians, White Leghorn Bantams and a few others. We won the Waupaca County Fair, County Fun Show, the English Class at the State Fair, Class champion at Wisconsin International, and at Beaver Dam show. We decided to breed them instead of selling them or just eating their eggs. My brother suggested we try to make money raising chickens and selling baby chicks. Danke Bros Poultry was born.

Our cousins Paul Behm and Becky Fleck became involved in raising chickens as well. Paul was Danke Bros Poultry's baby chick man. He would raise all the chicks from day old.
We started selling hatching eggs and baby chicks on Eggbid.com and Ebay.com, baby chicks and full grown birds at swaps, and juveniles off the farm.

2005 I won the National FFA Poultry Proficiency award.

2006 was Danke Bros Poultry's largest year and its last year. Jarryd Steinert, Paul Behm, and Kaylin Kerstner came on board to help feed and water, incubate, and help process orders. We had about 250 breeding hens from 18 different breeds. Also in 2006 Mark and James Cartwright and Jim Schuelke brought hatching eggs over on a weekly basis from their small backyard flocks. We paid $6.00 a dozen for any type of purebred hatching eggs they could come up with. We also ordered chick assortments from Duane Urch. I graduated high school in May. Summer of 2006 was a stressful time in the history of Danke Bros Poultry. We had raised and sold many chicks and also we bought and sold many hatching eggs; however, there were many hatching eggs that we did not sell that went into the incubator, hatched as chicks, and became food eaters. What chicks we did not sell we raised up. We had the money to buy those hatching eggs but did not have the money to pay for the feed. Tyler learned quickly what bad cash flow is all about.

In September of 2006 Tyler started college at University Wisconsin Oshkosh to study accounting. Dad agreed to feed the birds for two months until the fall swaps. On October 31 all of Danke Bros Poultry's chickens were sold. He still wanted to be involved in poultry but didn't know how. He drew on his negative experiences at a poultry auction site and thought about starting his own. I didn't know if I should pursue my passion or suppress it. A great friend Ben Stein encouraged me in pursuing what I am passionate about so PoultryMarketplace.Com was created. Ruth and I started dating that December.

During a 3 week January Interim Introduction to Business class, three classmates (Dustin Coopman, Paula Dargelies, and Ciara Day and I wrote a business plan for PoultryMarketplace.com. The gal I was dating at the time, Ruth, helped us with the financial statements for the plan because she is way better at that than any college freshman would be. Ruth and I discussed getting married a few times and the day before finals of that class I told Dustin Coopman that I was getting married. I told Ruth that I told him and she and I hurried off to the jewelry store. Ruth and I were married on July 21 2007. In February of 2007 PoultryMarketplace.com needed it's first seller. A hatchery sent us their wholesale price list which gave me an idea. I could be the seller and the marketplace. Ruth thought it was a legitimate concept and started helping me name the business. We did brainstorming for hours and hours on end. Purely Poultry was chosen however I was so happy with so many of the names that I actually changed the name several times over the next year. March 24, 2007 we registered our domain name www.purelypoultry.com. In late August I was contacted by a poultry auction site stating that I can't have so many names. So I finally got rid of all the other names and stayed with Purely Poultry. I was working 40 hrs a week at the Citation Berlin Foundry as a Sales Administration Coordinator. I am thoroughly convinced that almost all of my responsibilities at Citation Berlin could have been replaced by more efficient software. I wish I had known how to implement an access system that would have done that. I was working part time in the spring at Miles Kimball. I had only a few sales in 2007 as I was focused on us getting married, and was working full time. Fall of 2007 I judged the Wisconsin Bird and Game Breeders Association Fall show in Fond du Lac.

2008 Our January letter to family in 2008 was printed stating that I was going to be taking time off from Purely Poultry as I wanted to focus on school, my job, and our marriage. I did not mail that letter out because I did not want to give up Purely Poultry. I switched jobs so that I could work less hours at a job and still have time to run Purely poultry. I developed my first website in May of 2008. It was a very basic html styled website. I purchased my first books to retail in 2008. I started judging county fairs this year.

2009 We published our first catalog in February. I decided to quit my job at US Bank in March to focus more on school and on Purely Poultry.
May of 2009 installed Zencart shopping cart software.
June 2009 was my biggest sales month so far.
2009 was an interesting year because there was a much larger demand than there was supply of chicks. Many places were sold out for most of the spring. I judged the Calumet county fair in Chilton, the Fond du Lac County Fair, and the …
In September My son Noah was born and Ruth got to be home for six weeks.
Ruth went back to work in November so I now I started taking care of Noah myself when I am not in class. My mom comes on Wednesdays while I have class and the campus daycare takes him on Mondays and Fridays for class. I won the UW Oshkosh Business Plan Competition in December of 2009 with a 25 page plan.

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