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Brown Egg Layers

Partridge Penedesenca Chickens

Partridge Penedesenca Chickens


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Partridge Penedesenca Chickens Details

Day Old Partridge Penedesenca Baby Chicks

Hatching February to September.

Penedesencas are rare, even in their native home in Spain. They are interesting chickens, with multiple unique qualities, making them even more desirable.

Production: Partridge Penedesencas are both ornamental and good layers of dark brown eggs. You can expect somewhere around 160 eggs per year from one hen.

Temperament: Like most Mediterranean breeds, Penedescencas are active, and excellent foragers. They rarely go broody, and don’t do particularly well in confinement.

History: Partridge Penedesencas were developed, as were all varieties of the breed, in Catalonia, Spain, from the common barnyard chickens of the area. The black color variety was standardized in Spain in 1946. Today, Spain is the only country that recognizes Penedesencas as a breed, and only the black variety is acknowledged there.

By the 1980s, the breed was all but extinct. The dedication of a few breeders brought it back. It was not imported into the United States until 2001, and is still fairly rare here. Interest is growing though, for a few reasons.

One reason people are seeking Penedesencas is the color of their eggs, which is a dark, reddish brown. Some have described the eggs as being the color of “wet terracotta,” and others have compared it to dark chocolate. The eggs are a medium size, and however you choose to describe it, a very attractive color.

Partridge Penedesencas also have an unusual comb. It begins in the front as a single comb, but the breaks into several lobes. It is sometimes called a “carnation comb” because it looks a bit like a flower.

Colors: The classic, beautiful partridge pattern

Livestock Conservancy Status: Not listed by the LC, but quite rare.

Body Type: Relatively small, with clean legs and a compact body.

Weight: 4.5-5.5 pounds

APA Class: not accepted into the Standard of Perfection

Partridge Penedesenca Chickens

Partridge Penedesenca Chickens

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