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Pekin Ducklings


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Pekin Ducklings Details

Baby Pekin Ducklings for sale

Hatching weekly year-round.

Description: If you raise ducks for meat, the Pekin is an excellent choice. It is the heaviest of all the ducks and is the main breed raised by commercial producers. In fact, 95% of the duck meat consumed in the US is Pekin.

Production: One of the reasons the commercial duck industry is built around Pekins is that they grow to a heavy weight quickly and are fairly prolific egg layers. Pekins can often be processed in 6 short weeks, weighing in at 7 pounds. A full-grown adult can weigh as much as 12 pounds.

Pekins have yellow skin and females lay around 200 eggs per year. They do not go broody and don't often sit on their eggs. Although ducks are not often raised for their eggs, some people do enjoy duck eggs. Pekins are a great choice for those who want to collect their eggs.

Temperament: Pekins are gregarious and entertaining. They are not as loud as some other species but they are friendly and "chatty." Pekins enjoy the water and the mud. They are dabblers, and so make shallow dives to eat water vegetation and insects. They graze easily as well, and in fact, do better when allowed plenty of room for grazing.

History: Unlike many other species and breeds, we know exactly when and how Pekins came to the US. They were first imported to Long Island, New York, from China in 1873. For a short time, they were known as "Long Island Ducks."

Colors: The Pekin is white, but with a tinge of yellow. The yellow is more pronounced in the under-feathers. The bill and legs are bright orange-yellow. Many stereotype drawings and images of ducks are probably based on the Pekin.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Not applicable as the Pekin is the most common breed of duck in the United States.

Body Type: The Pekin has quite an upright stance as their legs are set far back on their bodies, making them have a pronounced waddle when walking. They are good swimmers but may need a ramp to get in and out of the water.

Standard Weights: Old Male 10 lbs, Old Female 9 lbs, Young Male 9 lbs, Young Female 8 lbs

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: Heavy Duck Class

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Pekin Ducklings

Pekin Ducklings

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