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Coop Accessories

2 Pint Feed Scoop

2 Pint Feed Scoop Details

White Plastic Scoop 2 pint

Sometimes the most simple of tools end up being the most useful, and that's especially true on a homestead or small farm. This 2 pints sized White Plastic Scoop is perfect for scooping small quantities of chicken feed or anything for the poultry flock that needs scooping. The small size of this Scoop makes easy scooping and distributing of chick feed in the brooder.

Its small size is also useful for keeping in smaller bags of grit or treat bags such as our Mealworm Delight or Garden Delight so the scoop is there and on hand when you need it.

Made of durable plastic, this Scoop can be easily and quickly cleaned and will last a long time. It is worth it to keep a few extra around as they come in handy quite often.

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2 Pint Feed Scoop

2 Pint Feed Scoop

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