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Plastic Flip Top Chick Feeder

Plastic Flip Top Chick Feeder Details

Plastic Flip Top Chick Feeder, 20 inch

The red Plastic Flip Top Feeder is a classic and essential element in the brooder. This feeder is great for bantam or standard-sized chicks as well as ducklings, poults, and other young poultry. The styling keeps baby chicks from resting in, and thus dirtying their feed, and also helps spread them out evenly, so everyone gets a chance to eat. The bright red color attracts young birds and encourages eating.

The Plastic Flip Top Feeder is constructed of sturdy plastic, making it long-lasting. The flip-top allows for easy filling with feed and simple cleaning. The product measures 20 inches long by 4.5 inches wide and about 3 inches high. It is best to set up the brooder with this feeder in the center so young birds can access both sides.

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Plastic Flip Top Chick Feeder

Plastic Flip Top Chick Feeder

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