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Poultry Oddities History, Folklore

Did you know that George Washington imported the first Chinese Geese or that Henry Ford meditated in his chicken coop? Would you ever thought that Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" was painted in egg yolk paint? Loyl Stromberg compiles fact, folklore, and humor in his 72 page book Poultry Oddities History, Folklore.

This book has the history of poultry in comic strips and actual illustrations. Stromberg revisits the various poultry breeds and their American history, recommending various poultry books to help the enthusiast and hobbyist. There are jokes, famous sayings, and facts that are unbelievable but true. This is a must for any enthusiast and needed on every coffee table for a good laugh and read. This book is basically a poultry comic book.

72 Pages with black and white illustrations and photos was published 1992.

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Poultry Oddities, History, and Folklore

Poultry Oddities, History, and Folklore

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