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Premium Crested Ducklings Details

Day Old Premium Crested Ducklings

Hatching March to July. 

Crested Ducks are a traditional and old breed of duck. Crested Ducks feature a topknot of feathers on the back of their head. They are a medium-sized and well-balanced duck with a horizontal posture, short neck, and large head. 

They come in pure white with orange bill and feet, or pure black with dark gray bill and feet. White Crested Ducks have blue eyes. The Black Crested Ducks have brown eyes and their coloring has a lustrous green sheen. Crested Ducks have been the subject of paintings dating back to the 1600's. 

We are offering these Crested Ducks in White or Black. You can also choose our economical Hatchery Choice, if color doesn't matter or you can't decide which color you want more. When you chose Hatchery Choice, we will send you whatever colors we happen to have on hand at the moment. You may receive both whites and blacks or all of one color.

Production: Crested Ducks are traditional, utilitarian farm ducks. They lay well, usually over 100 eggs per year. They are not super fast growing, and they do not get extremely large, but they are good meat birds with flavorful, high-quality meat. They are mostly raised for ornamental and exhibition purposes. 

Temperament: Crested Ducks can be a bit nervous and aloof. But they are not aggressive, and they get along very well with other birds. They are also hardy and easy to manage, making them a great addition to any backyard or homestead flock.  

History: The crests that Crested Ducks are named for are a genetic mutation, which is found in many lines of ducks breeds descending from wild mallards. If two Crested Ducks are bred together, the resulting offspring may or may not have crests. Also, one should note that the crest gene is often accompanied, unfortunately, with a lethal gene that can cause death to the embryo inside the egg. However, this isn't always the case, and many breedings work out fine producing healthy, crested ducklings. White Crested Ducks were admitted into the APA in 1874, and Black Cresteds were recognized in 1977.

Conservation Status: Not recognized.

Weight: Young Male 6 lbs, Young Female 5 lbs.

APA Class: Medium Duck

Premium Crested Ducklings will not ship to Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, West Virginia, Washington, or Virginia.

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Premium Crested Ducklings

Premium Crested Ducklings

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