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Orpingtons have been favorites of American backyard poultry enthusiasts for over a century, and the breed has evolved to meet standards set by the APA. However, recent imports of British Orpingtons have made it clear that the breed evolved differently in England, and these rare and exciting new styles of Orpington are becoming increasingly popular.

The Premium Orpingtons we are offering are exquisite birds and gorgeous examples of the breed. They have been bred from imported English stock lines and have the characteristics of the English birds. English Orpingtons are much fuller birds with extremely rounded bodies and super-full feathering. These Premium Orpington chicks will develop into very large, stocky, full-bodied birds, truly the focal point in your flock. And they come in a wide variety of very rare colors!

Colors available:

Golden Laced

Production: These Premium Orpingtons are kept mostly for their beauty, rarity, and for breeding. But Orpingtons are truly one of the ultimate dual-purpose, heritage-breed chickens. They make good meat birds, growing quite fast to a heavy table weight. And they are also productive egg-layers, laying about 175-200 very large brown eggs per year. Orpington hens are known to readily go broody and successfully hatch and raise their own chicks.

Temperament: Orpingtons are the ultimate lap chickens. They are huge birds with gentle and calm dispositions. They are friendly with people and children and are great as pet chickens as well as production birds. A short fence can easily contain these giant birds as they are poor flyers due to their large body size.

History: Orpington chickens are one of the most popular and premier breeds of Great Britain. Orpingtons were originally developed in the late 1880's by William Cook by interbreeding Black Plymouth Rock hens with male Minorcas, and then breeding the results of that original cross with clean-legged Langshans. The original Orpingtons that came out of this breeding experienced one of the most dramatic popular demands in poultry history. These birds were everything that chicken owners wanted and needed, and they were a wild success. Orpingtons still enjoy this popularity and demand today.

Conservation Status: Recovering

Body Type: Orpingtons in general, and especially these Premium Orpingtons, are very large fowl with a stocky and wide stance and short legs. The abundance of feathering and fluff on their thighs and butts make them appear even larger than they are. They have red single combs and red wattles. Tails are short but full, adding to the overall round appearance.

Weight: Cockerel 8.5-9 lbs, Pullet 7.5-8 lbs

APA Class: English

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Premium Orpington Chickens

Premium Orpington Chickens

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