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Premium Pekin Ducklings Details

Giant Pekin Ducklings for Sale

Hatching March to July.

Pekin Ducks are beautiful story-book-looking ducks. They are large, in a pure, deep white with a very traditional 'ducky' look.

Production: Pekin Ducks are the ultimate production duck. They produce between 150-200 white, lightly tinted eggs per year. They grow fast to a very large size, making them truly great meat birds. These birds have a remarkable growth rate; they can reach 8.5 pounds in weeks. They also are efficient growers, highly fertile, and have great hatchability ratings.

Temperament: Pekin Ducks are a calm and friendly presence in the poultry yard. They are gregarious and interactive with humans. They forage quite effectively for their size. They do need protection, as their slowness makes them particularly susceptible to predators. They tend to stay relatively close to home and their food supply. Pekin Ducks rarely go broody.

History: The Pekin breed comes out of the highly advanced poultry breeding efforts of China thousands of years ago. They were called Pekin after the city they originated from in China, which is now called Beijing. The original Pekin ducks arrived in New York City in March of 1873, after surviving a 124-day ocean journey directly from Shanghai. The next year, the American Poultry Association published its first book of Standards and included the Pekin Duck. Since then, the breed has become the most common commercial breed of duck in the U.S. due to its great production value.

APA Class: Heavy Duck

Colors: Pekin Ducks are pure white with bright orange bills and feet. They have large dark eyes. Feathers are thick, fluffy, and soft, and the white coloring has a creamy or ivory-like fullness to its texture.

Conservation Status: very popular

Weight: Our Premium Pekins are considered giants and should average about 2 pounds heavier than other pekins if fed for optimal growth. Males can reach 10 to 12 lbs; Females can reach 8 to 11 lbs

Premium Pekin Ducklings will not ship to Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, West Virginia, Washington, or Virginia.

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Premium Pekin Ducklings

Premium Pekin Ducklings

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