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Premium Rouen Ducklings Details

Hatching March to July

Rouen Ducks are sometimes referred to as Giant Mallards due to their distinct and elegant color patterning of wild Mallard Ducks but much larger size. Rouens in general are large ducks, and these Rouens are very large, with very deep keels. Though large and heavy-looking, they have a balanced square body, sometimes described as boat-like.

Production: While Purely Poultry does not guarantee show quality, these are considered Exhibition Rouen Ducks and are mainly bred for meat and ornamental use. They fully mature in about 8-10 months. Their meat is considered by many to the standard by which all duck meat should be measured. They are not great egg layers, laying about 25-100 eggs per year.

Temperament: These big ducks are docile and slow-moving, but they are relatively effective foragers. They make great pet ducks as they tend to be friendly and less skittish than many other duck breeds. They do need protection, as their slowness makes them particularly susceptible to predators. Rouen Ducks tend to stay close to home and their regular food supply. They make good mothers.

History: The Rouen Duck is an old breed recognized by the APA in 1874, originally developed hundreds of years ago in France, around the area of Rouen on the Seine River. In the early 19th Century, the British took the breed to another level, developing birds that were larger and meatier. Rouens were first imported into the US in the middle of the 19th Century. Although they were originally bred as meat birds, they have struck the fancy of breeders, and many are now being bred for color and ornamental reasons.

APA Class: Heavy Duck

Colors: Rouen Ducks have traditional Mallard coloration, both in the female and male patterns. Thus, drakes have bright, shiny green heads, striking white collars, and wine-red breasts. Females are a mottled brown. They have attractive black striping across the eyes and a blue patch on the lower wing. Young birds resemble females with camouflage coloring. Their eyes are dark brown, and their legs and feet are orange.

Conservation Status: Watch

Weight: Males 10 lbs; Females 9 lbs

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Premium Rouen Ducklings

Premium Rouen Ducklings

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