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Premium Waterfowl

Premium Waterfowl canNOT be shipped to the following states at this time: Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, West Virginia, Washington, or Virginia.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all of our Premium Waterfowl. To order, you must order a minimum of 6. You are able to mix and match within the premium waterfowl category with the exception of Call Ducklings which alone have a minimum of 6 and cannot be mixed and matched with our other Premium Waterfowl breeds offered.

Purely Poultry’s Premium Waterfowl category is a great place to browse if you are looking for the more rare breeds of ducks and geese. Here we offer newer and harder to find colors than what can be found in our other waterfowl category. Many of the breeds offered here are of a higher quality than hatchery ducklings and goslings.

Ducks and geese are great birds to raise for meat, eggs, and for their pure enjoyment. They are both very hardy and require minimal care as they are great free rangers. These rare gems would be great additions to your flock!

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