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Purple Peachicks

Hatching July through September

Some people who raise poultry find they are fascinated by genetics and breeding. Thanks to folks like that who raise peafowl, the world enjoys the majesty and beauty of the unique Purple Peafowl.

Looking at photographs, it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between an India Blue and a Purple Peacock, but live, in person, the difference in color is striking, particularly in the sunshine. The purple color is the result of a genetic mutation.

Aside from the deeper, darker purple color of the male, Purple Peacocks also have purple in the eyes of their tail feathers. These unusual, beautiful birds are rare and interesting.

Purple Peahens are lighter in color than India Blue Peahens.

Habitat: Like all peafowl, Purple Peafowl can adjust to a wide variety of habitats. They do well as free range animals, and will roost in trees to avoid predators. If they are kept in an aviary, it should be quite large, and have roosts up high so they can fly up.

Status in aviculture: Purple Peafowl are mostly raised by peafowl enthusiasts. They are prized for the gorgeous tail feathers of the males. Breeders must possess a considerable depth of knowledge regarding genetics to be successful.

Breeding Season: Late March or April through July

Clutch Size: 6-10 eggs

Incubation Period: 28 days

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Purple Peachicks

Purple Peachicks

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