Quail Hatching Eggs

Quail Eggs for sale 

One of the best ways to start with quail is with hatching eggs. Minimum order for hatching eggs is only 12 per variety, so very convenient and cost effective! 

The hatching of eggs is like the sprouting of seeds - always miraculous. Hatching your own quail chicks is exciting and educational. There is so much satisfaction in watching the tiny chicks peck their way out of the speckled eggs.

You will need an incubator for hatching your eggs. Quail eggs take a bit shorter than chicken eggs to hatch. If you order a large number, you might want to consider adding a quail-sized egg turner to your incubator. 

Quail are fun and quite easy to raise. Although the small chicks do need attention and care, quail in general are hardy and adaptable. Most species - especially the coturnix and bobwhites do very well in captivity. Quail are usually raised for production of eggs or meat and for sporting and hunting purposes. 

Quail are perfect for small scale urban production! 

Check out this great article on raising quail

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Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 Products)

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