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Quail are becoming increasingly popular as farmers and homesteaders realize what great small-space and efficient producers they are. Quail are the ultimate urban farm animal, being quiet and taking up very little space. Quail Chicks are delicate though and do best when shipped in large groups. So for someone wanting a smaller number of quail, Hatching Eggs is the best and most economical way to start with quail. 

We designed this Quail Incubation Kit so you will have everything you need to incubate and hatch out Quail Eggs. 

Our Quail Incubation Kit includes a Little Giant Incubator, Automatic Egg Turner, and the Quail Rails to convert your incubator to Quail-Egg Size, and the book "A Guide to Better Hatching". You can also choose to add an 8-inch Thermometer/Hygrometer, that can be placed in the incubator.

This Quail Incubation Kit will work for any type of Quail Hatching Eggs. And you can also convert the incubator back to hatch Chicken Eggs as well! 

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Quail Incubation Kit

Quail Incubation Kit

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