Quail Starter Kit

Quail Starter Kit
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Young quail are delicate and need a proper brooding set-up for best results. Our chicken customers enjoyed great success using our Chick Starter Kit, so we decided to put together a Quail Starter Kit for our quail and game bird customers. The only difference between this kit and our Chick Starter Kit is the waterer has a smaller lip so that small quail chicks do not drown.

The Quail Starter Kit provides all the main pieces of equipment needed to start your baby quail safely and healthily. You can use most of the elements of this kit over and over for years to come. This kit is also very adaptable; you can use much of this equipment in brooding other types of young fowl.

The Quail Starter Kit includes one poly 1-quart feeder, one quail waterer base with a quart jar, a lamp reflector with 1x 250w red heat bulb as a heat source, a thermometer for monitoring the temperature, 1 GroGel plus B 100 dose packet, and one each 3-pack of Sav-A-Chic Electrolytes and 3-Pack of Sav-A-Chic probiotics for an extra boost of nutrients. You'll need to add the bedding of your chioce, feed, and your time and attention to be the most successful you can be!  

NOTE: Quail do not have internal mechanisms for cooling themselves and will need to be monitored to ensure they do not go above 101 degrees and stay above 98 degrees for the first week or so. They also do very well with some ground black oil sunflower seed mixed into their feed to keep their bellies from drying out.


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Quail Starter Kit

Quail Starter Kit

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