Quart Quail Waterer Base

Quart Quail Waterer Base Details

This Quart Quail Waterer Base works just like the other Quart Capacity Waterer bases we offer except that the exposed water surface and space for drinking is much smaller in this Quail Base. This smaller spacing can be a lifesaver when brooding small poultry and fowl.

An appropriately sized waterer is extremely important when brooding young birds. Baby birds tend to stumble or fall into waterers and get themselves wet and cold. They then have trouble getting warm again and can pile on top of one another and suffocate in an attempt to warm up.

This base is perfect for preventing wet chicks and is very safe for all small birds like quail, partridge, pheasant, and bantams. It is also super safe for standard-sized chicks. Note, if you use this base for standard-sized chicks, you may have to keep an eye on it and clean it out more often than a regular waterer as it can get clogged up with bedding faster.

The Quart Quail Waterer Base is made of heavy-duty, hard plastic in red. It is very durable and simple to clean. This base is 1.5 inches high and measures 4 inches in diameter. Simply screw on a quart-sized mason jar or use our Screw on Jar Plastic Quart to provide the water.

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Quart Quail Waterer Base

Quart Quail Waterer Base

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