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Raising Ducks and Geese

Raising Ducks and Geese Details

Raising Ducks and Geese

If you need to learn about ducks and geese in a simple guided way, Raising Ducks and Geese is the right start for you. John Vivian guides the beginner on choosing ducks and geese, how to house them, sanitation, breeding, culling, and much more! This guide is somewhat outdated and some information is lacking, however the basics is there and this mini book is perfect for the hobbyist's library!

From raising ducks, shelters, sanitation, providing feed, to starting your ducks, brooding ducklings, and the slaughter and dressing processes, Vivian discusses stories, personal experiences, and information in basic terms to help the beginner get started as well as getting a overview of duck raising. The same protocols are used for his goose sections in helping the reader understand geese, choose goose breeds, understanding their feed water, and shelter needs, caring for goslings, sexing and culling geese, slaughter and dressing, and cooking geese.Vivian closes his guide with special breeds of ducks and geese, having your own pond of waterfowl, and predation control.

29 Pages with Black and White Illustrations. Published in 1977.

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Raising Ducks and Geese

Raising Ducks and Geese

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