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Raising Game Birds

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Raising Game Birds

If you are interesting in raising game birds but haven't decided on which species to raise yet, this is the book for you! Mavis and Monty Harper provides great basic information for the beginner game bird owner in eleven small sections of this book.

Purchasing chicks is mentioned in the beginning to make the beginner aware of the species and the differences among game birds and other fowl. The second section discusses the different varieties, such as the Bobwhite, Coturnix, Guinea Fowl, Pheasant, Chukar, pigeons and doves, with space requirements and additional needs for each species. Since game birds can be raised almost anywhere, the finances are mentioned in the next section. The feeding costs and replacing the stock is important with game birds and emphasized in this section.

The authors write about the different types of housing and equipment in the next section to let the game bird enthusiast realize all the various options they have in housing, feeding, and watering their birds. The management section is a large partition of the book as it discusses breeder management, health, incubation, and brooding. The last section is about slaughtering methods. This book is a must if you have not decided on a species to raise yet!

32 Pages, B&W illustrations. Published in 1984 by Storey Publishing

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Raising Game Birds

Raising Game Birds

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