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Rare Breed Chicken Assortment Details

Day Old Rare Breed Baby Chicks Assortment

Hatching weekly year-round.

Do you want a rare chicken breed and don't care which specific one? This hatchery choice assortment is for you! The Rare Breed Chicken Assortment will include at least 3 different breeds of any of our rare chicken breeds. No record is kept or provided of breeds sent.

Five reasons why you should order the Rare Breed Chicken Assortment:

  1. You support the genetic preservation of rare breeds.
  2. You enjoy a variety of unique chickens in your flock.
  3. You like saving money on chickens.
  4. You want to get your chicks quickly even though you want rare varieties.
  5. You want to play the game "Guess that Chicken breed".

Possible breeds in this assortment include, but are not limited to Jersey Giant, Dominique, Brahma, Faverolles, Sussex, Turken, Delaware, Assel, Pheonix, Fayoumis, Spitzhauben, Lakenvelder, Top Hats, Jungle Fowl, Hamburg, Chantecler, Cochin, or Yokohama. 

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Rare Breed Chicken Assortment

Rare Breed Chicken Assortment

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