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Red Broilers


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Red Broilers Details

Day Old Red Broiler Chicks

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The Red Broiler is probably the most popular pasture-raised, free-range alternative to the White Broiler. These are large and heavy red colored chickens.

Red Broilers grow at a slower, more natural rate than the White Broilers, and because of this, they do not experience the issues with weak legs and hearts and other health problems caused by their fast growth rate.

Red Broilers are optimum birds for free-range or pastured operation, for organic production, and for humane animal welfare production. Because they don't decline in health after getting to size, there is a longer window to arrange for butchering. These red birds look beautiful foraging on green pastures.

Production: Although Red Broilers are not good for egg production, they are excellent meat birds. Males should be 6-7 pounds in 9-10 weeks and females will be about 1 pound lighter at the same age. Skin is pinkish yellow, and the carcasses have a natural, 'free-range' look to them.

Temperament: Red Broilers are energetic and very active compared to White Broilers. They are hardy and efficient foragers and do well in pastured environments.

History: Red Broilers have been bred and raised in many different forms as alternative pastured meat birds to the White Broiler crosses.

Colors: Traditional reddish brown color with black highlights on tail, similar to the Rhode Island Red heritage breed chicken. Bright red combs and wattles, and large yellow legs and feet.

Conservation Status: Not applicable

Body Type: Red Broilers are fast growing large chickens. They do not have the wide stockiness of the White Broiler but have a strong and sturdy appearance.

Weight: Males at 9-10 weeks old will be about 6-7 pounds. Females at same age will be 5-6 pounds.

APA Class: Not applicable

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Red Broilers

Red Broilers

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