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Brown Egg Layers

Rhode Island Red Chickens


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Rhode Island Red Chickens Details

Day Old Rhode Island Red Baby Chicks

Hatching year round.

Rhode Island Red Chickens have been a historically very popular breed in the United States, due in large part to their versatility and their large, brown eggs. Our Rhode Island Reds have a single comb.  They are heat and cold hardy birds. 

Production: As dual purpose birds, Rhode Island Reds are dependable layers, and grow to a good table weight with a yellow skin color. You can expect 200-280 large, brown eggs per year, per hen. Some hens may be broody.

Temperament: There seems to be a persistent rumor within poultry circles that Rhode Island Reds are "feisty" or aggressive birds. However, according to personal observation and reports from owners, RIRs are no more or less aggressive than most other breeds. This breed is a good forager. 

History: The original Rhode Island Reds were developed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the late 1800s. Several breeds contributed to the genetic makeup of RIRs: Malay, Shangai, Java, and Brown Leghorn. There were both rose comb and single comb varieties. Today, the single comb is far more common, and it is the type we sell.

Rhode Island Reds quickly gained popularity, and became one of the best known chickens in the world. The single comb variety of the breed was accepted into the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1904.

Over time, breeders continued to select for egg laying abilities, and today there are two types of RIRs. One often called the industrial, or production, strain and these birds are lighter in color, very rarely become broody and can lay up to 300 eggs per year.

The second strain of RIRs are sometimes referred to as exhibition, or heritage, Rhode Island Reds. They are darker in color, with heavier bodies, and lay fewer eggs than the production strain.

We sell production strain birds. We do not claim that the Rhode Island Reds available for purchase on this site will be of exhibition quality. If that is what you seek, you may want to check with breeders in your area, or a breed specific club.

The birds we sell will be healthy, and good layers. They are somewhat lighter in color and have slightly smaller bodies than birds that are bred for showing. If you are looking for a sturdy, all-purpose Rhode Island Red that will be a dependable layer, then our birds will work for you.

APA Class: American

Color Description: Rhode Island Reds are, as the name says, red. Both sexes have black tails. They have yellow legs, a single red comb, and red ear lobes.

Conservation Status: Recovering

Weight: Cockerel 7.5 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs


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Rhode Island Red Chickens

Rhode Island Red Chickens

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