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Rouens are considered by many connoisseurs and foodies to have the best tasting meat of all ducks. Rouens are very popular in the U.S. as meat birds. They originated in Normandy, France, named after the city of Rouen. They were accepted into the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1874 in the Heavy Duck Class.

Rouen ducks have the weight of Pekins and the coloring of Mallards. They truly do look like big, fat Mallard Ducks. Rouens are about three times the size of a wild Mallard and can weigh between 8 and 10 pounds at maturity. Rouen Ducks do take longer to grow than Pekins, but they are the perfect bird for sustainable farming set-ups and heritage breeding.

Besides meat, Rouens are dependable layers as well, laying between 100 and 180 eggs per year. 

Rouens are pleasant and amiable birds. They should have access to swimming water and do best when given plenty of space both in the water and out on land. They range well and are good at foraging. They tend to be calmer than many other breeds of ducks. They do not fly. 

If you are searching for a heritage breed that is both dual-purpose and has a reputation for high-quality flavor, Rouens would be a perfect solution.

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Rouen Duck Eggs

Rouen Duck Eggs

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