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Royal Palm Turkey Poults Details

Baby Royal Palm Turkey Poults

Hatching March to June. Turkey Poults are straight run only.

The Royal Palm Turkey is a smaller breed that makes a big visual impact.

History: The color pattern on the Royal Palm, which is one of its most appealing features, sometimes occurs naturally among mixed flocks. That is how the breed was originally developed. Enoch Carson, a farmer in Florida, had a mixed flock and found a turkey with the Royal Palm color pattern, then began selecting to replicate it. Eventually, Mr. Carson had the first large flock of Royal Palms, and they were breeding true to a standard color pattern.

In 1971, the American Poultry Association accepted the Royal Palm into the Standard of Perfection. Today, turkeys with a slight reddish tint are sold as “purebred” Royal Palms. A true Royal Palm will not have any color tinting - it will be crisp black and white.

Royal Palms have never been raised for commercial purposes. Most breeders raise them for exhibition. However, they are, in some ways, ideal for a small farm or a backyard flock keeper who would like to raise turkeys for family consumption. They are smaller than most types of turkeys, they are excellent foragers, and can be ready to process in about 28 weeks. 

Colors: Royal Palms have a crisp, distinctive black and white patterning. The base color is white, while the saddle feathers are a sharp, metallic black. The tail feathers are also white with a contrasting, black band. The breast feathers are white, with black tips, forming a bright pattern of black and white stripes.

The head, throat, and wattles are red; the beak horn-colored; the beard black; and the shanks and toes a deep pink.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Watch. More breeders are needed to preserve this gorgeous variety.

Standard Weights: Old Tom 22 lbs, Old Hen 12 lbs, Young Tom 16 lbs, Young Hen 10 lbs

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: Turkey

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Royal Palm Turkey Poults

Royal Palm Turkey Poults

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