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Saxony Ducklings


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Saxony Ducklings Details

Day Old Saxony Ducklings

Hatching March to July.

Saxony Ducks are a relatively new breed of dual-purpose duck, bred in Germany from the mallard style wild ducks. These beautiful ducks do indeed look like muted mallards with tight and smooth light colored feathers over a firm body. A Saxony Duck is a perfect example of a dual-purpose duck, laying well and growing to a large size.

Saxony Ducks are very hardy, adaptable, and excellent at foraging. They are a great bird for raising on pasture.

Production: Saxony females lay 190-240 large white eggs annually. Although they are not very fast growers, Saxonies get to a good size on pasture and produce very flavorful meat that is less greasy than many breeds.

Temperament: Saxonies are great ducks for both small backyard operations and larger farms. They are active foragers. They are wary and careful in general, but are confident and friendly. Saxony Ducks make good mothers and are naturally good at incubating and hatching their eggs.

History: a very contemporary breed, Saxony Ducks, were first developed in Eastern Germany in the early 20th century. After struggling during World War II, they were re-introduced by their original breeder, Albert Franz, and were established as a recognized breed in Germany in 1957. They were imported in the U.S. in the mid 1980's and have taken off in popularity in this country. Breeders exhibited 64 prime examples of the breed at the American Poultry Association qualifying show for admission into the Standard of Perfection in October of 2000. Admitted to the 2001 Standard.

Colors: The 'muted mallard' pastel coloration gives these ducks a graceful yet cottage-garden look, almost like they stepped out of a Beatrix Potter illustration. Drakes are mallard-patterned, with their heads in steel gray-blue, a white collar, and a light rose-wine and chestnut coloration over the breast with some white lacing. The body is pale gray with darker gray on wings and tail. Females are mostly a light buff and tan color. They have gray-blue highlights on the wings and attractive bright white stripes on the face and head. Legs and feet of both sexes are bright reddish-orange, and bill is light orange with some green or brown coloration. Saxonies have brown eyes.

Conservation Status: Critical

Weight: Males 8 lbs; Females 7 lbs.

APA Class: Heavy Duck

Saxony Ducklings will not ship to Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, West Virginia, Washington, or Virginia.

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Saxony Ducklings

Saxony Ducklings

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