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Sebright Bantams
  • Sebright Bantams
  • Sebright Bantams
  • Sebright Bantams

Sebright Bantams


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Sebright Bantams Details

Day Old Sebright Bantam Chicks

Hatching mid-February to November.

Sebrights are true bantams. This means that they do not have a large fowl counterpart. These birds are spunky, alert and act large for their size. Sebrights are beautiful birds and perfect for those looking for birds that are colorful with personality attached.

Production: Sebrights are not known to be very productive. They are more of an ornamental breed. A hen will lay about 3 eggs a week. The eggs are small and white. They are not known to go broody nor care for their chicks very well if they do.

History: The Sebright Bantam was developed by Sir John Sebright. He worked on this breed for over 30 years. It is said that he crossed a rose comb nankin to a Polish chicken to get the lacing in place, however it is not certain which bantam breed he started with in his first cross. Within his 30 years of work, he managed to produce a beautiful chicken.

APA Class: Rose Comb Clean Legged Bantams

Color description: The Sebrights come in three color varieties: Silver, which is a beautiful white base with black lacing, Gold, which is a burnt orange coloring with black lacing, and buff which is a beige base with white lacing. They have blue legs and a rose comb.

Livesock Conservancy Status: Watch

Weights: Rooster 22 oz, Hen 20 oz, Cockerel 20 oz, Pullet 18 oz

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Sebright Bantams

Sebright Bantams

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