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The Shiloh chicken coop costs about $900 to build depending on local prices.

If you are interested in raising chickens in your backyard, you might be pleased to know that you are not alone. Raising backyard chickens is steadily becoming one of the biggest trends in taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Many cities are now allowing for this, and there are numerous reasons.

Raising chickens is actually much less expensive and much easier than you may think. They provide not only nutritious, fresh eggs, but also have great personalities. One of the biggest question for any new chicken owner is how to house them. The best way is to build a coop. This will keep your chickens out of the elements and also protected from any predators that may be around. You do not have to be a master builder, or even an experienced carpenter to keep your pet chickens safe.

Using chicken coop plans, it is as simple as following step-by-step directions. Creating impressive and even beautiful looking coops can be done in the span of an afternoon, with these easy-to-follow plans. They can be immediately downloaded just as soon as you check out, so convenience is definitely a bonus. Having the initial backyard chicken coop building plan, you can then go on to work with any number of designs that will keep your backyard flock cozy and safe.

The Shiloh chicken coop plan offers a number of benefits to beginning chicken enthusiasts and experienced keepers alike. Once built, it can house up to twenty two chickens and is compact yet spacious at 60 square feet of floor space. The dimensions are 10' by 6'.The roosting bars are situated opposite of the nesting space, which helps in egg collection and the walk in door makes it easy to clean. Well ventilated, yet designed to be free of drafts, this design offers everything you need to keep your flock safe and productive.

This plan is an excellent choice for beginners, especially because it does offer full color photos that guide you every step of the way. The various aspects of building and parts are also color coded for greater organization and many diagrams really lay it all out for ease of understanding. This coop design was put together with the new enthusiast in mind. Easy to follow instructions will bring this impressive looking backyard chicken coop to life no matter what your level of building experience may be.

As a bonus, there is also plans for an attached run to make sure that you're getting the most out of your chicken coop. The design is built so that the coop itself is roughly one foot off the ground, which does help in making cleaning easier. The design is also geared to make egg collection a much more simplified process and predator-proof screens keep your flock much safer.

Being able to instantly download the plans directly after check out, you can get started on your coop right away or save the file for later use. However you choose to do it, when it comes time to use the plans, you will find that there are very few that offer this much benefit in such a simple to follow way.


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Shiloh Chicken Coop Plan

Shiloh Chicken Coop Plan

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