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Sicilian Buttercup Bantams Details

Day Old Sicilian Buttercup Bantams

Hatching mid-February to May.

There is only one variety of Buttercups. This breed is distinguished by its unsusual comb in both sexes and parallel rows of black spangles in the feathers of the female. Bantam Standard describes the comb as having: A single leader from base to beak to a cup shaped comb, well set on center of skull, and crowned by a complete circle of medium sized regular points.

The Buttercup, along with the Penciled Hamburgs, shows extreme differences in color patern between the sexes. The male has black restricted to flights and tail whereas the female is heavily marked with black except in the hackle. In type they lean towards the Mediterranean. Buttercup bantams are very rare.

Standard Weights: Rooster 28 oz, Hen 26 oz, Cockerel 24 oz, Pullet 22 oz

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Sicilian Buttercup Bantams

Sicilian Buttercup Bantams

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