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Min 3 per breed/color

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Small Order Laying Hens - Minimum 3 Per Breed/'Color

Ships April - August

There are lots of reasons that chicken folks wouldn't want to buy 10 birds or more at a time.  For those of us that just want to add a few at a time, Purely Poultry offers Small Order Chicks!  These ladies ship within 2 -3  weeks, but only in the Spring and Summer.  When the warm weather goes away, so do our little peeps in this chick offering.  The drop-down menu has a variety of our best layers and most popular varieties in both male and female options. 

While a ratio of no more than 1 Roo for every 5 Hens is best in your flock to avoid aggression, these ladies and gents do have to be purchased in quantities of 3 per breed and/or color. Feel free to mix and match quantities of 3 per breed for a beautiful flock and a gorgeous egg basket!

Small orders require a bit more care in transit, though, so there is an additional Shipping Fee of $20.00 to get these fuzzy little butts to your door safely. We have pre-added that right to the category so if you want to buy 10 or more, Quick Chicks or a Standard order will be more cost-effective for you!



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Small Order Layer Breeds

Small Order Layer Breeds

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