Small Restraining Cones

Small Restraining Cones Details

Cleanliness and efficiency are of prime importance during the slaughtering and processing of meat birds. Restraining or Killing Cones should be considered for anyone serious about raising meat birds. Restraining Cones hold the carcass in place after slaughtering, so the bird doesn't flap about. This is more respectful as well as cleaner. A bucket can be placed under the cone to collect the blood and allows the carcass to thoroughly bleed out. 

These Small-sized Restraining Cones are designed for use with processing small chickens, bantams, and all sorts of game birds. 

Our Small Restraining Cones are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel and will last a long time. They are easy to clean, and the hemmed or folded edges make them safe to handle and are made in the USA. The back of the cone is flat, so the cone can be securely and easily mounted. 

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Small Restraining Cones

Small Restraining Cones

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